RV spaces are primarily located north and east of the show rings in the CW Construction Arena. An RV space map is pictured to the left (desktop) or above (mobile). RV spaces B-F are for the exclusive use of handlers, defined as those exhibiting at least three different dog breeds. Spaces N-V are for box and/or sprinter vans with NO overnight parking. Spaces 1, 10, H, I, J and K are for Grand Valley Kennel Club use and are unavailable. Additional terms and conditions are provided in the Additional Information section below.

Select a space number from the dropdown list below and check in and check out date boxes will appear. Select the check in date box to see availability and select a check in date. The number 1 to the right of a date indicates that space is available for that date. Then, select the check out date box to select a check out date. Click/tap the “Add to cart” button to add the space to your shopping cart.

To simplify search for a space, the following spaces are sold (updated daily @ 8pm PDT):

Purchases are not accepted until 7pm MDT on August 14, 2024. All spaces will appear to be sold out until that time.

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In addition to Hold My Show Space Terms & Conditions, Grand Valley Kennel Club (GVKC) has the following terms and conditions.

  • RV parking reservations are provided on a first come/first serve basis.
  • If selecting a handicapped space, a current valid handicapped parking plaque must be visibly displayed in your RV or tow vehicle windshield throughout the event. A photocopy of the handicapped parking plaque should also be displayed in a window of your RV when your tow vehicle is not adjacent to your RV.
  • Overnight parking of motorhomes will only be permitted in reserved lots. No overnight parking will be permitted elsewhere on the show grounds.
  • Only one vehicle (an RV and tow vehicle or towed vehicle are considered one unit) will be allowed in each assigned RV space.
  • No exercise pens or set-ups are allowed on the grass. All space utilized outside of vehicles must be on gravel or pavement, please plan accordingly.
  • No generators are allowed to run between 10:00 pm & 6:00 am unless weather conditions are such that the safety of dogs or humans is at risk. All exhausts must be equipped with a stack.
  • GVKC and Mesa County Fairgrounds (MCFG) have made every effort to maintain the electrical system at our show site. However, unforeseen issues are possible and therefore exhibitors assume the risk of using the system. Neither GVKC or MCFG will be responsible for damages to electrical equipment or RVs plugged into the system.
  • Professional security will not be provided. However, club members will be on site at all times. GVKC and MCFG are not responsible for items left out, unattended or stolen.
  • Parking is a privilege extended by GVKC. Any arguing, abusive language or failure to obey State, County, City or Club regulations or instructions of parking officials may cause forfeiture of parking privileges, without a refund.
  • RV Fees: $55.00 per day for full hookups. $50.00 per day for water and electric. $45 per day for electric. $40 per day for dry camping. Available at 12:00 pm on first day of reservation.
  • Availability: Check-in as early as 12:00 pm on September 26, 2024. Check-out no later than 12:00 pm on September 29, 2024.

PLACE RV RESERVATIONS AT: gvkc.holdmyshowspace.com

Reservations will be accepted from 6pm MDT on August 14, 2024 through 6pm MDT on September 18, 2024. All RV spaces will be individually identified on a graphic and each space will be available for reservation on a first come/first serve basis unless already reserved. No more than two spaces may be reserved by the same person. Payment by most major credit cards is accepted via PayPal. Checks must be received within seven days after reservation. Monies will not be refunded & reservations cannot be changed. If you need assistance with a reservation, Contact Us.