“Mater artium necessitas” ~Plato, 380BC

“Mater artium necessitas” ~Plato, 380BC

March 8, 2015
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"Necessity is the mother of invention" ~Richard Franck, 1658

Regardless of origin and attribution, the statement is representative of humanity's long history of ingenuity. That's about as poetic as we'll get.

For several years, we've watched how exhibitor reservations are taken at any number of shows across the US, even around the world. It's hard, sometimes thankless work, but we're thankful for the thousands of hard working volunteers that have worked countless hours for decades to make it easy for exhibitors. However, we began to think about why event organizers are asking exhibitors to do things the way they have for 50 years or more…fill out a form, write out a check, send it in. There are any number of services that are flexible enough to handle exhibitor reservations: Eventbrite, Hold My Ticket, Ticketor, SimpleTix, even Ticketmaster are just a few. However, all of those services generally require someone with web design experience and many event volunteers don't have the skill set or the event organizer doesn't have the budget to use those services.

That's the gap Hold My Show Space wants to fill for your show! With an inspired solution born of exhibitor and event organization experience, we can manage exhibitor reservations for the countless shows that may want help. Our economical Show Services include reservation process design and development and payment collection using multiple avenues at an economical price. And, unlike many other services, event organizers get paid much more timely, weekly, no more than three weeks after payment is received, instead of a week or more after an event ends.

We hope to make Hold My Show Space a necessity for your event. We know we can do it and invite you to Contact Us!

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. ~Henry Ford

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